Hotel Kabuki

  • Client

    • Black Stone
  • Project Type

  • Opened/Completed

    • 2017
  • Area

    • 112,630 ft²

Design Achievement - Once known as the Miyako Hotel, Hotel Kabuki is centrally located in the area known as the Japantown of San Francisco, CA, which is the largest and oldest enclave of it its type in the United States. The Hotel is anchored at the east end of the Japan Center, which is made up of three square blocks of shopping, dining, and entertainment. The original 15-story tower and 3-story annex were built in 1964, and have since gone through multiple expansions and major renovations, during which time the Hotel’s aesthetics had begun to depart from its cultural and historical significance, until the conversion of the Miyako Hotel to Hotel Kabuki, which revitalized the neighborhood. DLR Group|Kwan Henmi’s design for the most recent renovation of the fitness center, lobby, and tower and annex guest rooms all aim to preserve this unique blend of culture that’s comprised of Eastern and Western influences, maintaining its historical presence in the context of Japantown while also highlighting the cross-cultural style through cosmetic renovation and upgrades.

Scope Summary - The renovation work was broken up into phases, starting with the expansion of the fitness center into spaces previously used as meeting rooms. Besides the addition of a new elevator stop inside of the fitness room, the new interior design caused no changes to the building envelope and only some rerouting of ductwork and relocation of sprinkler heads. By contrast, the renovation of the existing lobby (approximately 7,640 SF) involved the demolition of the mezzanine level floor slab, to open up the area into a two-story volume, giving the new lobby bar and lounge a sense of grandeur and purpose. The reception desk, which had previously been tucked away toward the back of the lobby, was relocated much closer to the entry, making it the first thing to greet guests as they enter the building. The common corridors and guestrooms in levels 4 through 16 of the existing tower (70,370 SF, 144 rooms) also underwent cosmetic renovation, replacing older lighting fixtures higher efficiency models for greater performance, as well as replacing existing finishes. Lastly, in addition to similar cosmetic upgrades on level 1 – 5, seven new rooms were added to the annex (34,620 SF, 69 rooms) without major change to the existing structure. DLR Group|Kwan Henmi provided architectural services as architect of record.

Hotel Kabuki

Black Stone